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Silikone skesæt, blossom pink

63,20 SEK Pris nedsatt från 79 SEK till
Silikone skesæt, blossom pink
Silikone skesæt, blossom pink
63,20 SEK Pris nedsatt från 79 SEK till
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"Practical silicone spoon set consisting of two light blue spoons in different colours blossom pink and vintage rose.

Use the spoons for the first bowl of food gruel, mash and porridge. The soft spoon will feel comfortable in your baby's mouth, and the spoon's movement makes it easy to catch the relatively liquid food and to ""wipe"" residue away from the area around your baby's mouth.

Silicone is a soft and gorgeous material and the product's durability depends on use. Breakage may occur as a result of use.

Recommended age: 4 months+

Cleaning instructions: the product is dishwasher safe. Clean the product before first use.

For your child's health and safety. WARNING! Only use the product under adult supervision. Check the product before each use. Discard at the first sign of damage or wear. Always check the food temperature before serving.

Sebra is subject to inspection by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as it sells plates, bowls, cups and cutlery all known as food contact materials.
Sebra currently has the best possible Danish stamp of quality in terms of food safety, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administrations Elite Smiley, which is only achieved by prolonged compliance with European and Danish food safety rules something that is tested and checked by multiple announced and unannounced inspections. These inspections have all demonstrated that Sebra meets the approved standards. See the most recent inspection report here."

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