Georg Jensen
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Färg: Hvid
Storlek: 140x200 cm.


Relaxy Weighted Duvet, 7 kg, 140x200 cm

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Experience the transformative power of
optimized sleep and embrace the restful nights
youve been longing for.
Introducing our luxurious, 7-layered weighted
duvet, crafted from premium materials:
What sets our weighted duvet apart is its
innovative design that incorporates evenly
distributed glass beads throughout the entire
fabric. These gentle weights create a subtle yet
comforting pressure that simulates a soothing,
cocoon-like embrace. As you slip under the duvet,
youll feel a sense of calmness wash over you,
gently lulling you into a state of relaxation.
Crafted with care and precision, this exceptional
duvet is here to provide you with a night of deep,
restorative sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and
rejuvenated each morning.
This bedtime buddy comes in a
practical and luxurious duvet bag.
Relaxy Weighted Duvet, 7 kg, 140x200 cm
Relaxy Weighted Duvet, 7 kg, 140x200 cm
1.749 SEK
30 dagars returrätt