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Melamintallerken m/4 rum, Pixie Land

103,20 SEK Pris nedsatt från 129 SEK till
Melamintallerken m/4 rum, Pixie Land
Melamintallerken m/4 rum, Pixie Land
103,20 SEK Pris nedsatt från 129 SEK till
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"Ideal and practical 4-compartment melamine plate for the child who wants the food separated peas in one place and potatoes in another, here with prints from Sebras Pixie Land theme a tale of the mini-creatures ""the pixies"" and the many joys of the forest floor.
Match the product with the other tableware parts from the Pixie Land melamine collection for a complete look around the dining table.

On the plate, the child will find beautiful illustrations of a daydreaming pixie girl, a berry basket, an acorn and a beetle with a blueberry on its back. The illustrations can make the meal more enjoyable and the motifs can be used actively, if you are struggling to get a bit of food in the child. Who, or what, might be hiding under the broccoli or the spiral pasta?

Recommended age: 4 months+
Instructions: suitable for serving only.
Cleaning instructions: The product can go in the dishwasher at max. 65 degrees, in the upper basket. Clean the product before first use.

Melamine products for food are not suitable for microwave oven use or for storing foods at temperatures above 70° C.

For your childs safety and health. WARNING! Only use the product under adult supervision. Check the product before each use. Discard at the first sign of damage or wear. The product may break if dropped. Always check the temperature of the food before serving.

The product is marked with the glass and fork symbol, which means that the product meets the requirements for food contact materials.

All Sebra melamine products undergo strict inspections and are tested by external, accredited research institutes to ensure that the melamine products do not release harmful substances into foods in quantities exceeding the permitted limit, including melamine and formaldehyde. Sebras melamine products are in compliance with Regulation (EU) no. 284/2011 and Regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004.

Sebra is subject to inspection by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as it sells plates, bowls, cups and cutlery all known as food contact materials. Sebra currently has the best possible Danish stamp of quality in terms of food safety.

On the Pixie Land theme
Pixie Land takes the child into a cosy and nostalgic tale about the little mini-creatures ""the pixies"" who, with great enthusiasm, move around between forest floor plants, berry bushes, fallen acorns and chestnuts. Nature and the magic of the forest create a space for immersion, and with ladybirds, grasshoppers and other cutie crawlies as faithful helpers, the ""pixies"" gather nature's many gifts. Pixie Land is about community and about giving. This is a world which leaves plenty of time to let the mind wander, where there is room for contemplation, and where the thrill of finding a ripe wild strawberry or a four-leaf clover is, in fact, the essence of it all. "

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