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Etat Libre d’Orange

Les Fleurs du D_chet - I am Trash EDP

Från 880 SEK
Från 1.100 SEK
Les Fleurs du D_chet - I am Trash EDP
Etat Libre d’Orange
Les Fleurs du D_chet - I am Trash EDP
Från 880 SEK - 1.200 SEK Från 1.100 SEK - 1.500 SEK
Förlängd retur 24. januari 2023
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I AM TRASHLES FLEURS DU DECHETApple Essence Upcycling, Rose Absolute Upcycling, Cedarwood Atlas Upcycling, Bitter Orange, Gariguette Strawberry…THE MOST WANTED SCENT MADE FROM THE UNWANTEDLes Fleurs du Déchet represents a passage to the adulthood of Sécrétions Magnifiques. It is a counter-revolution for Etat Libre d’Orange, still noisy and disruptive, but ultimately functional.Givaudan, Ogilvy and Etat Libre d’Orange have created a three-fold company in the service of Mother Nature, to offer her a bouquet of forgiveness and let everyone know – loudly and quickly – that soon it will be too late.Dear world: Do not throw anything away because at the bottom of our trash lies the fermented distillation of great love. The garbage trucks hold flowers that can still bleed, the peels and rinds that can still give. The noxious exhalations have honey notes that can merge with the earth. And there are so many floating concretions, the trash that is thrown into the sea, and the natural waste, the ambergris, mystical symbols, the attitudes of primitive tribes – these must now be reprocessed.To paraphrase and distort Alan Paton: Cry, my beloved planet, for the unborn child let him not love the earth too deeply, for it is slipping away.So before it’s too late, let us (s)pray to the god of waste, our dear lord of leftovers.End of sermon. This is a messianic fragrance (in natural spray, of course.)— Etienne de Swardt