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Hæklet tumling, musen Buttercup, golden hour yellow

449 SEK
Hæklet tumling, musen Buttercup, golden hour yellow
Hæklet tumling, musen Buttercup, golden hour yellow
449 SEK
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"Hand-crocheted tilting toy shaped like Buttercup the mouse sitting in a teacup. The tilting toy is made from organic cotton with recycled polyester filling and is part of Sebra Interior's Daydream theme a quirky theme and a story about reality and fantasy.

This tilting toy is hand-crocheted in organic cotton and filled with soft, recycled polyester. With its sweet look, the tilting toy is wonderful as both a decoration and a toy. This little figurine will bring many fun hours of play. The tilting toy has a heavy plastic bottom which means that the teacup with the mouse can tilt from side to side. Give the tilting toy a nudge and listen to its lovely sound and watch its funny movements.

The tilting toy was designed in Denmark and is handmade, so each tilting toy is unique, with its own charm.

Buttercup is a curious and inventive little mouse, merrily jumping around her soft surroundings or exploring new places to build a home the teacup is a favourite location for this.

A perfect gift for a christening or first baby visit.

Recommended age 0+.
Labelling: CE.
Washing instructions: Wipe with a cloth.

Warning. Keep away from fire.

About recycled polyester filling
The filling is made from 100% polyester recycled from plastic bottles which have been collected and cleaned, after which they are shredded, re-melted and made into new, recycled fibres. The plastic bottles are thereby given new life instead of just ending up as waste. "